How To Add A Header Image To Your Rust Server.

Have a neat picture you want to set as the Header Image for your 1G Rust server?
This Tutorial will help guide you through the relatively straight forward process.

Preparing the Header Image for your Rust Server

The Header Image must be 1024x512 in size.

You can use ImageResizer to resize an image to 1024x512.

Upload the image to an image-sharing website, such as Imgur.
Copy the link to your Imgur image. Example:

Adding The Header Image To Your Rust Server

Go to your Rust Control Panel

Stop Your Server.

Click [Configuration Files]

Locate the "settings.cfg" file and click the [Config Editor] button.

Locate the setting titled "Header Image:" and paste your Imgur link into the text field.

Click [Save & Exit]

Start Your Server.

Video Tutorial Demonstration:

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