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How To Add A Workshop Collection To Your GMod Server

How To Add A Workshop Collection To Your Server

In this article, we'll go over adding a Steam Workshop Collection to your 1G Garry's Mod server.

Create a Steam workshop collection for Garry's Mod.

Set its privacy/visibility option to the public.

Add the add-ons you'd like to your collection, this can be done by editing the collection. You need to be subscribed to each addon before being able to add them.

Obtain your Workshop Collection ID, this is shown as the last number in the page's URL. You may have to enable this setting in your Steam settings under 'Interface'.

Obtain your Steam Auth/API key. See here:

Log into your Game Control Panel.

Under [Configuration Files], open the config editor for the Start.bat

Enter the Workshop ID and Auth Key in their respective locations.

Video Tutorial Demonstration:

Updated on: 30/06/2022

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