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How To Add Mods To Your Terraria Server Using tModLoader

Want to spice up your Terraria adventure with some mods? This guide will walk you through the relatively simple 3 step process.

Part 1. Installing tModLoader:

Log in to your 1G Control Panel
Click the [Mod Manager] button on the Navigation Bar.
Expand the [Terraria tModLoader] group and click [Install] on tModLoader.

Part 2. Installing Mods For tModLoader:

In the Navigation Bar, Click [Workshop]
Search for mods you would like to install, or browse popular mods.
Click the [Install] button on any mods you would like to install.
Alternatively you can upload your Mods from the client mods folder or desktop to the "Mods" folder in the root of your server.

Part 3. Enabling Installed Mods:

In the Navigation Bar, Click [Configuration Files]
Under the "Terraria tModLoader" group, find "enabled.json" and open the [Config Editor] for it.
Enter the names of your mods in the format provided by the files template/format seen below.


Click [Save & Exit].

You're all set, You can start your server and connect!

Video Tutorial Demonstration:

Updated on: 30/06/2022

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