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How To Add Yourself As An Admin On V Rising

Want to give yourself or your friends Admin powers on your 1G V Rising server?
This Tutorial will help guide you through the relatively straight forward process.

How To Add Your SteamID64 As Admin

If you do not know your SteamID64 already, you can find it on
Go to your Game Panel
Stop Your Server.
Click [Configuration Files]
Locate the adminlist.txt and click the [Config Editor] button.
Copy and Paste your SteamID64 into the text field.
Click [Save & Exit]
Start Your Server.

How To Make Yourself Admin In Game

Launch V Rising and connect to your server.
Open the menu with ESC
Click [Options]
Under the "General" section, ensure that Console Enabled is active
Press the ~ key to open the console.
Type adminauth in the console and hit enter.
You should see this message in the chat:

Congratulations! You are now an Admin on your server, type list in the console to get a list of commands.

Video Tutorial Demonstration:

Updated on: 30/05/2022

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