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How To Create And Apply A Cluster Token

Need to know how to generate a Cluster Token for your 1G Don't Starve Together server? This guide will help you get it done and get your server running.

Creating And Applying A Cluster Token For Your Server:

Open Don't Starve Together

Once at the Main Menu, Click on the [Account] button at the bottom.
Account Button

Click on the "Games" tab in the Navigation Bar.

Under Don't Starve Together, click [Game Servers].

In the "Cluster Name" section, Enter a name for your server then click [Add New Server].

Copy the Cluster Token that gets generated and navigate to your Game Control Panel

In your Game Control Panel, click on [Configuration Files]

Locate the cluster_token.txt file and open the [Config Editor] for it.

Paste your Cluster Token in the field, then click [Save & Exit].

Restart your server.

Video Tutorial Demonstration:

Updated on: 30/06/2022

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