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How To Enable VOIP On Your V Rising Server

Want to enable VOIP on your new 1G V Rising server?
This Tutorial will help guide you through the relatively straight forward process.

Create A Vivox Developer Account:

Before we can enable VOIP you will need to create a Vivox Developer Account and wait for it to get approved. (usually takes a few hours)

Start by going to the Vivox site here
Click [Create an Account].
Fill out the Account creation form and select [Organization] as your submission type.
You will be directed to a page where you need to "Create Your Organization".
Once you have created your organization and verified your email your organization will be sent off for review.
This usually takes a few hours but could take up to one business day.

Create A Vivox App:

Next you need to create your Vivox "App" to acquire the API Keys.

Start by going back to your Vivox Developer Dashboard here
Click [Create New Application]
Give your new App a name and select a genre or two as well.
Click [Continue].
Select the [Unity] for the engine and [Windows] for the platform.
Click [Create App].
In a new tab go back to your Control Panel
Stop Your Server.
Click [Configuration Files].
Look for [ServerVoipSettings.json] and click [Config Editor].
Copy(CTRL+C) and Paste(CTRL+V) the Environment Details and API Keys into the corresponding fields.
Vivox API Info
Click [Save & Exit].
Start your server.

Video Tutorial Demonstration:

Updated on: 15/06/2022

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