It's an easy process that will take just a few minutes of your time. Once you have joined your Valheim server, you can begin completing quests and earning rewards that will help you become a true Viking warrior. Here are 3 methods on how to find and join your Valheim server!

Method 1: Steam Launch Parameters

One way to solve this is by adding a Launch Parameter or Launch Option directly onto the game client via Steam. This forces you to join specific servers when launching it and select your character, which can sometimes fix crashing issues with certain mods installed!

First, make sure the game is completely closed. In your Steam Library right click on Valheim and select Properties from within that menu."

Steam Client - Valheim Properties

Click the "General" menu option and located at the bottom you will find the "Launch Options" text field.

Enter the following code:
+connect IP:PORT (Replace with your server's Query IP and Port).
Tip: You can locate your server's Query IP and Port via your Control Panel, it's named "Query Info".

Valheim Steam Client Launch Options

After entering the Launch Parameter, launch Valheim and select your desired character and then click "Start". You will then begin connecting to your server.

Method 2: Steam Favorites List

This is is the most popular method used by customers when connecting to their servers.

Open Steam.
Click "View" located on the top menu.
Click the "Servers" option.

Steam Client View Servers

When the new window is displayed, you will need to click the "Favorites" tab and then click on the "Add a Server" button. This will allow you to then enter your server's Query Info.

Steam Add Servers To Favorites
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