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How To Install Skyrim Together Reborn On Your PC

In this guide we will be covering how to install the STR files on your PC so that you can connect to your 1G STR server.

How To Install Skyrim Together Reborn On Your PC:

Download and Install a Mod Manager like Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex Mod Manager.

Link the Mod Manager to your Skyrim Special/Anniversary Edition.

Download the mods, Skyrim Together Reborn and Address Library for SKSE, through your Mod Manager and install them.

You MUST download the All In One (Anniversary Edition) of the SKSE Library for STR to work.
In your Steam library right click on Skyrim, mouse over "Manage", and select "Browse Local Files"

In your Skyrim folder navigate to the following directory: /Data/SkyrimTogetherReborn/.

Locate the SkyrimTogether.exe, right click on it, and mouse over "Send to" and select Desktop (Create Shortcut).

You can now navigate to your Desktop, launch SkyrimTogether.exe and connect to your server.

Video Tutorial Demonstration:

Updated on: 30/07/2022

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