How To Install uMod/Oxide Plugins

Want to customize your 1G Rust Server with some cool plugins?
This guide will go over the two methods you can use to do so.

Method 1: Using uMod Plugin Installer:

Log in to your 1G Control Panel
Stop Your Server.
View Side Bar Navigation & Click [Mod Manager].
Under the "uMod" group, Click the [Install] button on uMod.
View Side Bar Navigation & Click [Install uMod Plugins].
Use the Search Bar to find plugins you would like to install.
Click the [Install] button on the plugin.
Once you have all the plugins you want installed, Start your server.

Video Tutorial Demonstration:

Method 2: Manual:

Log in to your 1G Control Panel
Open the File Manager and navigate to the following directory: oxide/plugins If this directory is not present, uninstall and re-install uMod via the Mod Manager and start the server for it to be generated.
Upload your plugin file to this directory via the Upload button at the top left of the file manager window.
Restart the server.
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