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How To Join Your Forest Server

Need to know how to connect to your new 1G The Forest server? This guide has you covered.

Customers can connect to their servers via 1 method: In-Game [Server Browser Connect]

In-Game "Server Browser Connect" Method:

Login to your Game Control Panel

View the Navigation Bar and Click [Configuration Files]

Locate "Server.cfg" and open the [Config Editor] for this file.

Locate the "Server Name:" textbox, take note of this field, or enter a custom server name and click [Save & Exit].

Launch The Forest.

At the main menu, Click [Multiplayer]

Click [Join Game]

For the Source selection, choose Dedicated (Internet).

Enter you servers name in the "Filter By Name" field.

You should see your server in the list, Click the [Join] button to the right of it.

You will be prompted for a Server Password(if one is set) and Admin Password, you can find/set both of these in the Server.cfg.

Thats it! You should be connecting to your server now.

Video Tutorial Demonstration:

Updated on: 30/06/2022

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