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How To Join Your Project Zomboid Server

Need to know how to connect to your new 1G Project Zomboid server? This guide has you covered.

Customers can connect to their servers via 2 methods: The [Join] button in your Control Panel and In-Game [Direct IP Connect]

Control Panel "Join" Button Method:

Log in to your Game Control Panel

Click on your Project Zomboid server. Note: This will open up by default if it is the only server you own with 1G.

Click the [Join] button located next to your Direct Connection Info.
Once your game opens it will connect you to the server and ask for a Server Password(optional if one is set or not), Account Username, and Account Password.
Note: Your Account Username is your in-game display name and your Account Password protects your Username.

After you have chosen a Username/Password, click [Connect].

Video Tutorial Demonstration:

In-Game "Direct IP Connect" Method:

Start Your Server.

Copy (CTRL+C) Your servers IP excluding the Port from your Game Control Panel (Example:

Open Project Zomboid.

Once at the main menu click [Join].

Paste (CTRL+V) Your servers IP excluding the Port in the "IP:" field.

Navigate back to your Game Control Panel

Copy (CTRL+C) Your servers Port (Example: 17200).

Return to Project Zomboid and paste (CTRL+V) your servers Port into the "Port:" field.

Fill in the rest of the server information. (Server Password, Account Username, Account Password.)

Click the [Add] button.

Select your server in the list and click [Join Server].

Video Tutorial Demonstration:

Updated on: 30/06/2022

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