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How To Join Your Skyrim Together Reborn Server

Need to know how to connect to your new 1G Skyrim Together Reborn server? This guide has you covered.

You will need to install Skyrim Together Reborn locally using this guide before you can connect.

Customers can connect to their servers via 1 method: In-Game [Direct IP Connect].

In-Game [Direct IP Connect] Method:

Start Your Server.

Copy (CTRL+C) Your servers IP and Port from your Game Control Panel (Example:

Launch your SkyrimTogether.exe.

Load or start a new save and make sure you are out of Helgen (Tutorial Area).

Press the [F2] key to open the console.

Paste (CTRL+V) Your servers IP and Port in the "IP:Port" field.

Enter the servers password in the password field if one is required.

Click [CONNECT].

Video Tutorial Demonstration:

Updated on: 30/07/2022

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