Need to know how to connect to your new 1G Starbound server? This guide has you covered.

Customers can connect to their servers via 1 method: In-Game [Direct IP Connect]

In-Game "Direct IP Connect" Method:

Start Your Server.

Copy (CTRL+C) Your servers IP excluding the Port from your Game Control Panel (Example:

Open Starbound.

Once at the main menu click [JOIN GAME].

Select the character you wish to use.

Paste (CTRL+V) Your servers IP excluding the Port in the Sever Address field.

Navigate back to your Game Control Panel

Copy (CTRL+C) Your servers Port (Example: 21025).

Return to Starbound and paste (CTRL+V) your servers Port into the Port field.

Click [Join Server].

That's it! You should be connecting to your server now.

Video Tutorial Demonstration:

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