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How To Use A Custom Map With Your Rust Server

How To Use A Custom Map With Your Rust Server

This article will detail the steps needed to use a custom map with your 1G Rust server.

How To Setup A Custom Map:

Log into your Game Control Panel and stop your server.

Get your custom map and ensure that the map is in a .map file.

Upload that .map file to Dropbox or another file-sharing website. Once uploaded, copy the download link for that custom map.

Go on your server's control panel and click "Configuration Files".

In this section, click on "Config Editor" beside the server.cfg

In the Config Editor, scroll down and locate the "Use Custom Map" checkbox and check it. In the "Level URL" section that appears, add your Dropbox custom map download link. (ex: Level URL<randomcharacters>/<mapname>.map?dl=0 )

In the download link, ensure "dl=0" is changed to "dl=1".

Once done, click "Save & Exit" to save those changes.

Start your server.

You have now successfully added a custom map to your Rust server!

Video Tutorial Demonstration:

Updated on: 30/06/2022

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